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  1. How to launch a successful social media campaignSocial media campaigns need to stand out.

    In a world of endless scrolling and saturated newsfeeds, it’s the campaigns that meet these five requirements that find success.

    These requirements are goal setting, finding the value point, targeting your audience, capturing information and originality. Each of these strategies compromise a strong social media campaign with a high return of interest.

    How do you launch a successful social media campaign?

    By answering these five questions.

    1. What is the goal of the campaign? Defining a clear goal is the first step in any marketing strategy. Social media campaigns can have various goals, depending on the business, product or service. For example, a clothing company’s goal may to be to have users click on an external link and sign up for an email list. It’s important to note, campaigns with the most success are those that provide some type of value. We’ll discuss this in the following point. Below are four examples of social media campaign goals:
      1. Increase followers
      2. Increase post engagement
      3. Have followers turn on post notifications
      4. Visit an external link
    2. What value are you providing? Asking users to share your post because it will help grow your following isn’t very tempting. Instead, ask yourself what value can you give in return for them sharing thepost? If a clothing company is looking to get users to click an external link and sign up for an email list, they have to determine what they are wiling to give in return for a follower’s time and efforts. Followers who opt-in to an email list can receive a free sample or a discount code to use on their next purchase.
    3. Who is your audience? Understanding your audience is the master lock to launching a successful ad campaign across any platform, especially social media. How does your audience react to different types of ads? For example, an outdoor clothing company’s ad campaign is going to look much differently from a campaign for company selling hair extensions. These campaigns are going to be focused on who your target audience could become if they wore or used your products. For example, a fast paced video with quick shots of people adventuring outside and wearing the outdoor company’s clothing will resonate well with their audience. On the other hand, a slow-motion video of a woman wearing hair extensions walking around New York City would resonate well with the audience of the hair extension company. Know your audience, nail your campaign.
    4. How are you capturing their information? Your product could cure every problem your target audience has, but if they aren’t ready to buy it yet you may lose them as a customer forever. How do you ensure you’re able to contact these highly convertible followers? By capturing their information, most commonly through an email list. Using this email list of deemed highly convertible consumers, a marketing automation strategy can be created to motivate them to purchase the product. Even if the goal of a social media campaign is to increase sales, it should always be a priority to capture a consumer’s information.
    5. What can you do differently? Social media platforms are loud. There is a lot of content being posted on a consistent basis making it incredibly easy for a user to pass by an ad campaign. How are you going to stop somebody mid-scroll? Find a way to do something differently and to motivate users to stop scrolling and watch or read your post.

    Running any type of marketing campaign requires A/B testing. If you don’t see the results you wanted in the first campaign, make adjustments. Marketing experts never put out one campaign and hope for the best, they continue to improve by focusing on what is working and removing what isn’t.

    For example, let’s say a social media campaign’s goal is to get people to click on an external link and sign up for an email list. One out of one hundred people are clicking the external link and signing up. Since one hundred people saw your campaign, you know your audience is looking at the ad and you are getting their attention. Since they aren’t following through to opt-in to receive emails, try changing your value point. Do you have to increase the value in order to gain more traction?

    A/B test social media campaigns by improving upon these five factors. This is essential for a successful long term marketing strategy.

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    Today I decided to help out our young community by contributing some content that should pickup some organic traffic. In this blog I hope to add lots of topics to help people in their journey to earning a monthly income from various activities and behaviours. So lets get started.


    First topic, Ah! No that is not correct.


    Everyday and many times during the day I see myself in a situation where I pause to think if the person I am listening to, reading about or chatting with,  is well informed on the subject matter. We don't all learn at the same rate or method but the bottom line is we all need to be able to read. People can read but they don't schedule enough time to do some personal development.


    When your a business owner and you wear many hats like I do, you invest lots of time to document everything about your business. The time you invest by documenting , publishing and disseminating will be repaid many times over during the life of your business. However, there are downsides and most are a result of someone not reading or forming an opinion that is not substantiated by the facts.


    Let me give you an example.

    A few hours ago I followed-up on a post I had made a few days ago. Not this forum. :D The post was in response to a specific question about getting traffic and cash from a site. So being bias to my own business I suggested ePayTraffic as a consideration. Guess what? The person replies with obvious indications they had not spent much time reading on the site. To make it worst, they posted an opinion that misrepresented the fundamental component of the site and its earning potential. I have no issue with anyone expressing an opinion on anything but could you at least get some of the obvious facts correct?


    Has this happened to you, where you have to cautiously reply to a request for information that the person should have already consumed? I can only imagine how many other site owners have had a similar experience. And its not just a site owner. Think for a moment of the last time you were in a conversation, chat, debate either online  or offline and you had to use caution on your response. I always try and be polite no matter what and I can honestly say I do appreciate a communication exchange when both parties have all the facts.


    Your turn now. Tell us about an experience you had that involved misleading information or just pure Fake News.






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