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Follow a journey to a destination that is not completely defined but refined.

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Backgroud  - This blog entry is a step-by-step guide to helping a free member on ePayTraffic to generate a monthly income. Comments will be added as we progress with our earning journey. You are encouraged to participate by completing some daily tasks and to interact by posting on this blog and forum. Please have a look at my profile page on Click Track Profit(CTP). You can use a free account on CTP to create a similar profile page that you will use as your rotating advertisement on ePayTraffic. No money needs to be spent.


Step 1 - Log into your account on ePayTraffic. You may be presented with a Login Spotlight ad that will give you some advertising credits. Make sure you enter at least two relevant words when giving a site rating. If you just enter a single character just to get the free credits you may find it will be revoked because of the site policy on rating sites. Now add your CTP profile link as your site to advertise. As a free member your auto-assign needs to be set at 100%. Don't forget to checkout all the content provided on ePayTraffic. It is valuable information in building your monthly income.

Step 2 - Click the Surf link. As a free member your surfing timer is set to 20 seconds per ad. Don't get overly concerned about the timer because you are not forced to stay on the page. I suggest you open another window where you can read the site content while the timer is counting down. Return to the surf page and click the required icon image to proceed to the next page.

Step 3 - Continue viewing sites and pay attention to the bonus pages. Claim your bonus because it will give you advertising credits plus the bonus claim count will be used to generate additional daily earnings should you decide to upgrade in the future.


At this point you just want to get familiar with the surfing routine and become more aware of what other members are advertising. Some of you will likely upgrade and some of you would have taken the OTO. When you look at the site you will notice a username NewMember. That username is used by FJ as part of a quality assurance initiate to make sure the system delivers as expected and more importantly to prove that a free member can progress to a paying member that is earning enough from their own activity to cover the cost of an upgrade.

Once you surfed 20 pages you should see the VTG icon,


Click the icon to display the VTG game board. You do not have to be a VTG member to get a prize on your ePayTraffic account. Just click a spot where you want to move your VTG character and you will be given some text and banner impressions. These impressions add up and will be used to promote a banner and text advertisement. If your not a VTG member you can click the above image and signup using my referral link. If you were to upgrade on ePayTraffic, the VTG upgrade would give you a chance to win some cash. As a free member you will see the VTG icon twice or maybe three times.

Remember, your feedback is priceless and your commitment to a daily routine will eventually create a monthly income stream.

I will be adding comments as we progress through this income generating journey as a free member.



Remember I mentioned to pay attention to the first time you logged into your account.

I said something about One-Time-Offer (OTO).

Well, here it is....



Every member is presented with this OTO only once. The purpose is two folds. One is to get you to take notice that ePayTraffic is unlike most Traffic Exchanges. Two is to see if your ready to start building trust with the site owner. You see all members contribute to the future profit of our revenue sharing program. Your contribution does not have to be monetary but if you choose to take a position in our revenue sharing portfolio you can do so with very little risk which can provide you with a very favorable return on your money. If you miss this opportunity you cannot get a second chance. The offer is only presented once to all members. There is a second similar offer that will be presented once you have been a member for 60 days. Hopefully you will take advantage of the money making opportunity next time.


I love feedback and if you can share your thoughts on this OTO it would be much appreciated.

My suggestion is that you use this unique offer as part of your affiliate marketing initiative. For example, you can promote your referral link from ePayTraffic on many sites and hope you get a signup that takes up the offer. Or, why not make it more personalized and focus on direct communication with a potential signup. For example, your in your favorite chat room and you ask if someone is a member of ePayTraffic.. Then you can make sure they are award of this unique money making opportunity. Sure there is a risk but is the risk/reward ratio much better than another program that you want your signup to join and thus boost your own income? Don't forget that when you build your own income generating team some members of your team could use a boost to get started. Meaning you can lend or what ever arrangement you make to help the new member take a position in our revenue sharing portfolio. Think leverage. More on this later and I welcome all your feedback and comments.




You are invited to follow this guide to getting to know what ePayTraffic has to offer for your advertising, marketing and income generating needs.

Start at the home page. When you click the Home link you should notice the page loads very fast, you do not get any popup windows and you do not get overwhelmed with too much information.

ePayTraffic Home Page

Next click the About link and do a little reading. At least the first paragraph for now.

About ePayTraffic

Click the topic section to see more information

Now use your favorite internet search tool and search for FJ World Inc, I used google and on the first page you should see several entries related to my business.  Also you can search just for fjworld and you will get some new relevant entries on the first page. Go ahead and search some more so you get an online assessment of the company and owner that will be serving you when you become a member of a unique traffic exchange club.

In my opinion one should do this before joining any site and programs.

Now make some time to read the content of the about page.

At the top right corner of every page you will see the Member Level Offers.

Member Level Offers

Your will need to be logged in to see specifics based on your login username. However, every page footer includes a summary of what you earn from various offers. Our program is profitable and is able to pay all members. You do not have to pay anything to get paid. You just have to think differently, open your mind, slow down, think about building a long term and trusting relationship with your service provider.


Extremely Important! Once you are ready to create an account and your account gets verified you will be presented with a One-Time-Offer (OTO). These types of offers are extremely valuable and many members take advantage of some huge savings plus earning potential in our program.

Please do not hesitate to comment and post any questions you have at this time. This blog will provide you with easy to follow instructions to get the most from our products and services.

Follow my blog and look do take advantage of any offers I present to you.


For example, if you have read this blog and you go to our company skype group https://join.skype.com/DeT2kQRQFblb and post that your username saying you  have read this blog entry, I will add 1000 advertising credits to your account, That's 1000 views to your favorite link.  



In all the years that I have been operating a business it was always imperative that I demonstrated openness, high communication skills and an ability to continuously improve my products and services.

When someone is trying to sell you something you should always expect to see the full details of the deliverable. If the information you need is not presented than you have a responsibility to get more informed. 


If you are considering joining a site/program you should expect to be provided with some information about the owner.


Today I made a decision to move my published news on ePayTraffic to this forum. By doing so it means my company has adopted a quality management standard to ensure ongoing transparency in an industry that badly needs more transparency.



Welcome to my blog

Wow! Learning and earning takes times.

Today I invested some time to learn about some advance functionality on MarketStreet.

I created a club for my company and I invite you to join me as a member. 


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