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Welcome to IncomeProClub. A place where you can exchange knowledge with income producing people. A high focus of this club is to demonstrate transparency in the online income producing activities of its members. Our mission is to educate viewers about generating multiple streams of income from various online activities. Experience a No-Bull approach to growing money.

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  2. Ant Surf

    You have a good team, then I can repeat something again - This team is able to create Adsense Alternative; you have innovative ideas, and AntSurf Admin is also your friend.
  3. Ant Surf

    Time for me to gift some advertising. Why? Because I have some extra credits on AntSurf that I want to give away. You don't have to be a member on AntSurf to get some free advertising. I will create a campaign on your behalf. If you joined using my referral link, join the ePayTraffic Team and complete a minimum of 100 surfed pages I will gift you 5000 credits. Yes that is correct. 5000 advertising credits. That is the maximum the site will allow for transferring credits. If you join using my referral link and complete a minimum of 100 surfed pages but do not wish to join the team I will gift you 2000 credits. If your already a member of AntSurf I will gift you 1000 credits. If your not a member and you do not wish to join I will create a campaign for you with 500 credits. To receive my gift you will need to provide your username and/or url you wish advertised. Your username can be posted in this thread but the url should be sent to me as a private message or post it the FJ World Inc skype group chat. The link to the skype group is on the ePayTraffic login page.
  4. ePayTraffic - Stats

    Yesterday ePayTraffic had two promotions running. One on VTG and the other on PromoSlice. This gave a boost in traffic and signups and will be reflected in our monthly stat reports. We also picked up some sales and that is good for all members participating in our Revenue Sharing program. By keeping a close eye on the site activity I will be able to plan for future growth. In particular, server capacity and response is monitored to ensure it handles the increased traffic. Please do not hesitate to comment or ask questions in sharing your experience from our site responsiveness. Monitoring stats is fundamental to planning future growth in any online business.
  5. You2Surf

    This week EasyHits4U is on the promoter list at You2Surf...and so is ePayTraffic I used some advertising credits I saved on EasyHits4U for this event. As you can see from the following image I have a great start on the week. I have received 3 signups so far and hopefully they will be active. At the end of the week I will update this thread. BTW when you join my team at You2Surf I transfer advertising credits from my account to your account if you are an active surfer. All about being an active team player and sharing some earnings. Yes the proceeds from You2Surf are added to our Revenue Sharing Portfolio on ePayTraffic
  6. Affiliate Funnel

    Don't rush with AF or don't make it a high priority. I just got out of their regular weekly webinar and from what I experienced I would say your not missing anything as per body of knowledge on branding. Yes the topic was branding and I was surprised on some views presented. There seems to be a group leaning toward branding being more to do with showing your picture and not a logo. I got some interesting feedback when I repeated myself that a logo is a brand. Unfortunately it appeared to be more of an opportunity to promote a branding tool and not so much on the business fundamentals of a business image. Splitting hair to the point of not seeing the tress from the forest. In any case I did expand my knowledge and I was Thankful to the presenter, Marci Jones. It is a challenge in itself to do a live presentation.
  7. Affiliate Funnel

    Thanks for the info. starting in this week I'll be back surfing and promoting me sites including msf. I already joined AF have not used it yet. Being an administrator of msf and relaunching my niche focused sites has taken it's toll on my accounts across the board.
  8. ePayTraffic - Latest News

    Thanks William. I truly appreciate the feedback and I am loving being able to integrate my online business with Market Street Forum. My brain is full of possibilities going forward and with the tools and services plus your guidance offered here is making it easier to implement necessary business operational changes.
  9. ePayTraffic - Latest News

    Everything looks good with EPay Traffic, Nice work!
  10. ePayTraffic - Latest News

    Hello,It is my pleasure to update you on our last month progress to a profitable future.Last month our system has generate over $100.00 in commission for our members. In addition to this many members have taken a position in our Revenue Sharing Portfolio that continues to deliver additional income for members. I ask that you log into your account and review your unit summary http://epaytraffic.com/members.php?mf=mu and confirm that your last month commission was converted to units accurately. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need assistant.When I updated the site offer pages today I noticed that some members have missed out on some income generating streams. I do not required any member to upgrade their account. Our revenue sharing portfolio will continue to grow and generate income just as I have always said it would. Regardless if you upgrade on not. Our program does not need you to upgrade to pay other members. Our program does not need you to recruit members that upgrade for you to generate a monthly income.Our program is a one of a kind Traffic Exchange that is configured based on a unique revenue sharing portfolio that generates multiple streams of income for all members. Again, there is no need to upgrade because all members get paid. However, once members better understand our for-profit business they usually upgrade because they are able to earn much more than the cost of an upgrade based on their own activity. No need to have someone in your downline to upgrade just so you make a profit.I know I repeat myself and I will continue to do so when it is the right thing to do to get all members on the same page. We are entering a phase of this journey where I will be focusing on advertisers and on a verified affiliate income stream. It is easy to see which members are active and in what capacity when you look at the published offer pages. So if you are busy advertising your referral link I suggest you can improve your results by adding value to your advertising campaign. By this, I mean create your own splash page that contains your testimonial and experience in our program. If you personalize your affiliate marketing initiatives you will have a higher success in generating higher monthly income streams. If you have experience in creating splash pages, banners and other marketing material then join our skype group and share. You never know, I may be your customer.In the last month I have upgraded on several sites so I could best evaluate money generating opportunities. Any income I receive from these opportunities is added to our revenue sharing portfolio. From time to time I post in our skype group requesting a referral link to sites I wish to evaluate and that helps members. It is important that you think differently when it comes to growing our portfolio. Think cooperation and not competition. Think leverage and not dilution. You see if we all compete with each other to get the same referral it is not going to be the most effective means to a steady stream of income for all of us. Something to think about and I will cover this in more detail as I finalize our verified affiliate program. Again, if you are going to join a new program then I suggest you join using a referral link from FJ World Inc. Many of you have done so and going forward you will see additional benefits for doing so.That's it for now and I look forward to chatting with you at https://join.skype.com/zmeUF3yGGWISBy the way, be on the lookout for a new One Time Offer(OTO) available to upgraded members only. I still do not understand why some people pass up on these OTOs. Is it because they are in a hurry and assume something that is not correct?To another profitable month,JackPresidentFJ World Inc
  11. ePayTraffic - Latest News

    Hello,Today a mass payment was sent to several members to buyback their units. In doing so I have noticed that some members updated their profile so they would not receive newsletter emails. This is a concern since some members did not add a Paypal address and I was unable to send them a message so I could pay any money owed.Today I changed all profiles so every members receive newsletters. The profile page will be modified so members cannot disable the newsletter setting.I do not send a lot of emails and when I do it is important that you read the information I send you. Our revenue sharing portfolio has been very profitable and it is allowing me to pay members commission plus 20% or more on units earned and bought. If you do not make a decision to submit an option about your buyback, you will default to a 20% return on your money. I also offer two other options where you will receive more than 20% return on your money. That means it is wise to spend some time to learn and then earn more from your time and money.Please make time to review the content of our website. It takes time to build a profitable business that pays every member year after year. We are still in the recruiting phase and that is a great time for members to learn everything they can about our unique revenue sharing program. Pass on this knowledge to friends, family, associates, etc. and don't forget to emphasize the One-Time Offers and upgrades that can generate extra cash. In this fast clicking business, missed opportunities are often a result of doing too many things at once or not making time to better educate ourselves about an offered program. Also, many people will invest time and money in programs that are mostly hype with no foundation for real business growth. Don't be fooled by hype. Focus on building trust with program owners.In my experience, developing a sound strategy that is slow and steady but always moving in a positive direction towards a goal is the best way to avoid losses and be profitable year after year.I am very please to see many members that have contacted me with great interest for change. I am slowly seeing more people using our group chat and as we get more members engaged the value of the chat will increase.Thank you all for joining ePayTraffic and being part of a profitable journey. There is a lot more coming for clickers, advertisers and investors and I look forward to working together.Jack
  12. ePayTraffic - Latest News

    Hello,I am currently evaluating a popular Traffic Exchange(TE) income opportunity called PromoSlice.PromoSlice is designed to help TE owners give away some cash prizes to active members. You can join PromoSlice using http://promoslice.com?ref=2608 and that will give you access to cash prizes on PromoSlice and more important you may participate in the first cash promotion sponsored by ePayTrafficOn January 30, 2018 the following promotion will run for one day. https://promoslice.com/splash.php?id=1192&uid=2608 On January 30, I will give the top 10 surfers $1.00 for completing the PromoSlice challenge. All you have to do is surf at least 555 pages and make sure you enter your PromoSlice username on the prize page presented to you. Pay attention and don't miss the prize page because you are doing too many things at once. I say this because I have missed some prize pages when I was testing PromoSlice. The official record will be on the PromoSlice site. At completion of the promotion I will check the PromoSlice site to confirm your entry and if you are on the Top Ten surfer list on ePayTraffic I will add $1.00 to your ePayTraffic account.The $1.00 you win on January 30 is over and above any existing cash prizes awarded to you from your usual surfing on ePayTraffic. That means the top clicker for the day gets $2.00 and more when adding all the other cash awards given to active members on ePayTrafficIf this promotion does well I will run it on a regular schedule. Plus I will add more PromoSlice offers. For example, I have a promotion scheduled for Feb 17-18 https://promoslice.com/splash.php?id=1185&uid=2608Again I ask that if you are not a member of PromoSlice that you use my referral link http://promoslice.com?ref=2608When you join a program sponsored by ePayTraffic you are helping our Revenue Sharing Portfolio grow in value and that is good for all ePayTraffic members.Looking forward to working with you for a profitable journey.FJ
  13. 1Follow this topic to see if there are any special awards you can receive. 1. Paid For Performance - Visit the Paid For Performance page on ePayTraffic to see if your current bonus claim count average is 25 or higher. If it is you can claim $0.11 for this achievement. All you have to do is post your username and your bonus claim count average in the IncomeProClub Room. <<< This award will be increased on April 1, 2018 >>> 2. Free Member Bonus Award - This is an award to help members move from a free member level to an upgraded member level. You will need to demonstrate that you completed our "Free Member Guide to generating a monthly income on ePayTraffic" and your activity generated $3.00 of earning in one month. Once you have achieved your goal you can post in our skype group your username and text saying you completed the free member guide. Your account will be upgraded to FreePlus1 for one month. If you decide to pay for any upgrade during or after completing the free member guide, $1.00 will be added to your account. Again, this award is to help members that are not likely to spend any money or they need more time to evaluate the site as a free member before spending any money. As you can see a lot of effort is invested in helping free members because not everyone is in a position to move more quickly when it comes to building a monthly income stream.
  14. You2Surf

    Below is a snippet of my earning progress. I try and click enough each day to beat my daily opponent. This way I know I always have enough advertising credits for my campaigns. I am currently running an AF campaign and I will update you once I have more data collected. If you join me at You2Surf I can guide you to some daily earnings and advertising.
  15. ePayTraffic - Stats

    In this post I will add information that will help you better understand our stats. 1. Daily Active Surfers - This does not include active members that login their account daily to check various parts of the sites, such as their standings in daily challenges and to check the value of their units.
  16. ePayTraffic - Stats

    Recent monthly stats. Hits Delivered - January 2018 Daily Active Surfers - January 2018 Hits Delivered - February 2018 Daily Active Surfers - February 2018
  17. ePayTraffic - Latest News

    Hello Members, Welcome to 2018. It is my pleasure to let you know our Revenue Sharing portfolio has been extremely successful and profitable for all active members. The goal was to provide you a target annual yield of 20% or more on your commission and on any loan you made to FJ World Inc. I am extremely happy to say this has been achieved. The last few weeks has been very busy and hopefully many of you have been aware that I have been working on some program updates to reduce my workload going forward. Today when you look at your unit offer page in your account you will see that you can click on the offer ID button to view a change log for the offer. By introducing a change log it will be easier for us to follow the change sequence of an offer from creation to payment. I ask that you review the change log for your offers and that you take action where necessary. Many members have not been following the valuation of their offers and have not requested a buyback of offers that have appreciated more than 20 percent. As per terms of services, FJ World Inc will be buying back your offers that have appreciated 20% or more. Please make sure your PayPal email is correct in your account so you can receive your payment. At this time I am seeing some offers that are almost 12 months old and the member has not taken any action. Once an offer has aged for 12 months, our system will lock the offer and you will not see the buyback options. You will be paid based on 20% return. That means some of you would have missed an opportunity to receive a higher annualized yield on your commission and loan. Currently there is no buyback option that says you can earn interest from an offer that is older than 12 months. In the next few days I will be sending a mass payment to members. If you have offers in your account that display the Buyback button then you should click it and select your desired option. Remember, if you do nothing then our system will apply option #1 which is 20% return. For those members that have already requested a payment, please be aware that a payment is not due 30 days after your request. It does not work that way and I apologize if I gave the impression of being paid in that time frame. As per TOS; " 3.5 FJWI has set a target of 20% annualized return on units held by members. For example, a member earns or purchases 100 units at $1.00 per unit of a specified portfolio amounting to $100.00 as the initial loan value. Within 12 months, FJWI has the option to buy back the units if the unit price has increased by twenty percent or more, thus having fully paid back the loan with interest." So the payment time is determined by FJWI based on market valuation of our portfolio. Stocks in our portfolio have to be sold to cover your payment. Keep this in mind as we work together and build a trusting relationship. Now I need to address some feedback and questions submitted by some members. I go through great effort to provide as much information as possible to educate members about our revenue sharing program. I know that most members make time to read everything on our site; including the news feed on our main page. This mailing will be published on the main page for all site visitors to see. If you tell me you have read the content of our website and there is some part you do not understand and you need additional explanation then by all means use the provided support options. Unfortunately, there have been some members that seem to think they know more about our program than me and that I need to operate more like other Traffic Exchanges. It's important to me to reply to all members regardless of the question but I do have priorities and I know the value of time and money. That means I will suspend your account if your behavior is just not trusting or worth my time and effort. I operate a for-profit business. It is not cost effective for any operation to spend too much time trying to satisfy every situation. Now if your account has been suspended you will know as soon as you try to login. The message also provides an email to contact me if you wish to have the suspension removed. Why have you not upgraded your account? I think of this every time I see an active clicker that is a free member. And I am sure there are some upgraded members that cannot understand this either. Our revenue sharing portfolio model is designed to pay all members but upgraded members earn more. The upgrade cost is low and designed so active clickers can earn more than they spend on upgrades. Seriously, you can upgrade your account for less than $1.00 per month and for less clicking than most TE sites you can easily earn more than a dollar per month from your own clicks. About the ViralTraffic Game (VTG) upgrade. Many members have joined our program because of the commitment we made to ViralTraffic games. ePayTraffic pays a monthly fee to VTG so our members can earn more from their own clicks. Because I am an active VTG player, I see many players that are not taking advantage of the high earning potential of ePayTraffic. A free member on ePayTraffic will be lucky to have 3 chances to win cash from playing VTG. However, that same member could purchase the VTG upgrade on ePayTraffic and they could earn as much as 14 cents per day if not more in much less time clicking. If you are already upgraded on ePayTraffic and you are making money then I suggest you educate your friends, family and existing affiliates about the money making opportunity on ePayTraffic. I know this is a long message and some will not bother taking the time to read this valuable information. That's okay because in my experience, growing money starts with sowing a few seeds and that has already started. You only have to look at our portfolio performance to appreciate the huge growth we have had in the past 12 months. I have said in the past that our portfolio valuation will fluctuate and that will continue to be the case going forward. My job is to manage risk and deliver 20% plus return per year to all members. Your job is to be to be active, to stay informed and participate within the revenue sharing program, to be honest, respectful and be prepared to learn about business, investing and money management. To a profitable 2018, FJ
  18. ePayTraffic - Latest News

    November 22, 2017 - Wow!, If you have been following ePayTraffic over the last year you have had a great opportunity to make some money online. Go ahead and review our message log and portfolio valuation page to get a better appreciation on the great journey that active ePayTraffic members have accomplished. We started with a portfolio valued at a par value of $1.00 per unit and we are currently hovering near the $1.80 range per unit. Your unit value grew by 80% in one year. This is impressive and you should all be impressed or perhaps disappointed for not taking advantage of the market price fluctuation during the year. What more can FJ do to help you learn and earn? Lots, please read on. Before I introduce you to new offers, program changes and higher rewards for all members, let us review the past 12 months. We started out with an idea to build a membership base representative of high valued members. We didn't care if they spent money, they could still make money by being a free member. We offered commission in our referral program and most innovative of all; you made interest on your money because FJ World Inc shared its business profits with active members. Results have been very good and much has been learned. So much so that over the next 12 months we will be able to display program performance data so the world can see the true valued of a high quality lead. In our January forecast, I said; I will say that I hope to see multiple portfolios created so they can be more responsive of a business sector. This way a measure of real success would be a guarantee return based on a lowest risk opportunity. We have now reached a milestone where I will be creating a second portfolio. Now that is progress and I will say more about this later. In June, followers of our Revenue Sharing Portfolio noticed our unit price at a low for the year and that obviously cause concern for members. However, I reassured members that was part of an expected market fluctuation and prices would recover. As you see, they certainly have recovered. It's time like this that truly demonstrate when a business owner knows their business. I have always made it perfectly clear that FJ World Inc is a for profit corporation. For profit means you must be able to manage risks. Going forward I hope to see more people learn about this unique money making opportunity. As an active member I encourage you to be determine in learning and sharing your knowledge and profitable experience that you accumulated by working with FJ World Inc. Now for a new offer, some larger rewards and some operational and administrative changes. A new Buyback Offer option will be added. Currently, members choose to accept payment for their principle amount plus 20% or they can leave their units in the portfolio and increase their unit holdings by 20%. Both options involved locking the unit offer for 30 days. The new option will allow members to receive a higher percentage return on their principle amount in return for a longer locking period. Expect a minimum increase of 10% in awards for All Current Offers. Also, some offers will be expanded to include a larger number of members. Don't forget to read the One-Time Offers (OTO) and that upgraded members have access to more offers than free members. In the operational and administrative part of our Revenue Sharing Program, I am making some progress in coding some responsive pages. These changes will be the backbone of a future trading system and will produce a more manageable Unit Management System. One last note, I truly believe we are all positioned for an extremely profitable future. Obviously, I cannot predict the future but if I use my knowledge wisely I can better position myself for a profitable future. This thinking should be true for all of us that are inspired to improve our net worth. So I ask that you look at the time you currently spend online and make a decision that is more favorable than what you are currently doing. You should find that it is possible to reduce your time on some websites so you can increase your time on ePayTraffic and the result is a higher annual yield. I know because I not only do it I am proving it! To our success, FJ June 22, 2017 - Message sent to membership. Hello Everyone, This message has been sent to all subscribed members and will be posted on the site news section. Before I update you with some recent changes and unit past performance I want to emphasize that it is your responsibility to be an active participant of our revenue sharing program. That is, if your goal is to be part of a profitable business. First and most important. Chat support is now available via Skype group. Please join our Skype group to access the FJ World Inc group chat. Second, our unit performance has declined but not entirely unexpected. I assure you I am well aware and understand the market conditions that have impacted this decline. That is just the way that equity markets operate. When the unit value is down it means you will receive more units during the monthly commission conversion. Once the market conditions improve you will have an opportunity to have your units bought back at a higher value. Third, operating a typical Manual Traffic Exchange or Paid To Click business continues to be extremely difficult. You should never compare ePayTraffic revenue sharing program to these typical business models. Most important, do not pass judgement on our program without totally understanding the completeness of our program protection. Now for some new features.Advertiser 1000 - A new membership upgrade has been added that will allow members more flexibility when advertising. Plus it gives you access to additional revenue streams.Bonus Claim Count Offer - Back in March I made it clear that our system would evaluate the click activity of all members to ensure we build a membership site that is focused on high valued members. I am pleased to announce I have completed the first phase of tracking user click performance. When you surf and claim a bonus you are competing with other members for a daily cash prize. That's it for now. Again I remind you of the importance and value of being an active participant in our revenue sharing program. Looking forward to exchanging some chat time in our Skype group. FJ February 15, 2017 - Message sent to membership. Hello, On February 19, 2017 I will be doing some cleanup on our membership database. If you have not logged into your account for over one year your account will be deleted. Please accept this message as your last opportunity to keep any balance you may have for advertising credits, commission or revenue share units.VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you have a valid PayPal email added in your account. If there is no PayPal email in your account our system cannot convert your commission earnings to revenue share units. No PayPal no payment. If PayPal is not an option for you then you may contact FJ to discuss an alternative payment agreement. Now for members that are active, I would like you to think about the benefits of being an affiliate of FJ World Inc. You see ePayTraffic uses a Traffic Exchange script that is licensed from LFMTE. Beyond that every effort is made to be different from all Traffic Exchange sites using the same script. ePayTraffic is slowly being customized to meet a very specific need. During this journey, many members will see the value of being an active affiliate while others will be happy to click for credits and daily click rewards. When you joined ePayTraffic you received an affiliate link that you could advertise. That link means you are now an affiliate of FJ World Inc and not just an affiliate of a website that you can promote. As an affiliate you should pay close attention to all the offers that become available to you. These same offers will be presented to new members who join using your referral link. So while you learn about the availability of the following offers; - A One Time Offer (OTO) to purchase 10 Revenue Share Units at par value. - A One Time Offer (OTO)to purchase a yearly membership upgrade for $25.00 which provides 1000 credits per month, reduces your surfing time and gives you a Viral Traffic Game pass every 10 pages. - A One Time Offer (OTO) to purchase 1000 credits for one dollar. - Earning Revenue Share Units from generating sales leads. - Earning $1.00 for being the top clicker for a day. - Earning $10.00 for being the top clicker for a month. You are learning about ways to more effectively build your affiliate business with FJ World Inc. I do not want to make this a long message because I just want to get you thinking about working together on a very unique Revenue Sharing program. Thank You again for being an active member and please keep your eyes and mind open because there are more unique opportunities coming. By for now and do say hello in the chat room next time you see it while your surfing. FJ February 8, 2017 - Thank You to all members for being active in our revenue sharing program. All January commission have been converted to units. Unit valuation remain flat around the $1.40 range. It is not unusual for the portfolio to establish a bottom trendline prior to a breakout. Membership continues to grow slowly which makes it a great opportunity for existing members that invest more time and money into our revenue sharing program. Our portfolio is able to payout awards for members that bring new leads. As a member it is good that you recruit but most important is to educate yourself and others about our unique revenue sharing program. Getting existing Traffic Exchange members and owners to understand the value of managing risk asociated with a TE business is most valuable. What ePayTraffic can provide is an option for risking a small amount of money which can grow in value without doing any work or having to continuously feed the system. Also there is no limit to the total return a member can get for their units. January 3, 2017 - All members that had outstanding units in their account have received a payment to cover the buyback of their units. In addition to the value of the commission earned from their site activity, these members received a 25% bonus as a result of the performance of our managed portfolio. All members were sent an email to let them know of the latest changes and a request was made to ensure their account information was current. For the next few weeks, expect to see more changes that will be implemented so it will be easier to update the site on a regular basis going forward. Unfortunately the underlying script does have limitations but every effort is being made to improve its overall functionality. From a business point of view it is not cost effective to spend too much effort on updating old technology. More importantly, the script foundation is overly focused on a business practice that is questionable. It is one of the reason that payment processors are cautious when providing their service to site owners who do not understand the real value of a business product or service. Just know that FJ World Inc will be continuously improving on all areas of the script to ensure there is no confusing as to the quality of products and services provided to all members.
  19. ePayTraffic - Latest News

    Date: January 10, 2017Subject: 2017 Forecast and some House KeepingHello Everyone, This message has been sent to all members today and it will be posted on our website. I do not believe in sending messages every day or weekly for that matter. That is why it is important that you as a member do your part to stay informed about YOUR Revenue Sharing Program. I emphasized "Your" because what you do from this day going forward will be reflected on your future earnings. Let me explain by addressing a process that is designed to generate an income for all members. 1. Click Income - You became a member because you were sent to this site signup page. I don't really care if you were paid to joined or it is just a friendly jester for a friend. The end result is I have to figure out your purpose based on your activities. That process starts by spending some money to get members to surf some pages. As an active surfer you can earn several dollars per month just by being the top surfer for a few days. I know this because I have done it. I also know that if your lifestyles is primarily focused around surfing I need to know more detail such as income from clicking versus commission on referral sales. 2. Commission - I see all newly registered members as newbies. So if we can put aside any assumptions and only make a decision based on what is currently being presented then every experience going forward will be new and genuine. I am not trying to go too deep here but I do know the importance of facts. The actual percentage of the total sale going back to the immediate upline is low compared to most Traffic Exchanges (TE), Paid To Click sites (PTCs) and similar programs. It is that way to demonstrate that FJ World Inc follows acceptable industry guidelines for giving back a nominal cash award. It also means the program can easily manage expenses from operating the site and thus not default on its obligations. If you know what I mean. How many site owners do you know that owes a lot of people and somehow they can continue to create news sites. Think about it. How many programs and sites are you advertising. No doubt advertising on sites that are primarily click farms of robots, drones. I think some of you know what I mean. So the bottom line is, FJ World Inc does not take money from some members just to pay other members. Nor would FJ refuse a refund on advertising because the money was already given to someone else. If you want to make money on your money then read on. 3. Revenue Sharing - FJ World Inc manages the income and expenses of ePayTraffic. It has developed a method where registered members can earn from the growth of ePayTraffic. In fact it is quite simple and honest. Any amount of earnings your account accumulates is routinely converted to units of an investment portfolio and your units are bought back. So instead of using those get the money quick schemes, the process is designed to deliver earnings plus interest at a future date. The investment portfolio valuation is a reflection of what FJ is doing to grow ePayTraffic. It is as simple as that. I use my expertise, I research, monitor, speculate and trade in the shares of several hundred publicly traded companies in North America. By far the majority of the companies are located in my little country of Canada. Hopefully the above will give you some insight as to where I am taking members of ePayTraffic. I look forward to a continued and long term relationship with all members of ePayTraffic. I have no guaranteed way to know the details of what will unfold going forward. I will say that I hope to see multiple portfolios created so they can be more responsive of a business sector. This way a measure of real success would be a guarantee return based on a lowest risk opportunity. Thanks again members and please keep in mind that I am currently the chief, cook and bottle washer when it comes to administering our site. FJPresidentFJ World Inc
  20. ePayTraffic - Latest News

    December 28, 2016 - On Friday, a payment will be sent to members to buy back any outstanding units. December 22, 2016 - Today an email was sent to all members. The response from this emailing will be used to categories members within a range of levels. Effectively immediately, a prize of $1.00 per day is awarded for the most active member. Within a week a date will be set for a buy back of member units. By year end all member units will be bought back and members can start to accumulate new units.December 19, 2016 - Progress has been made in the last few weeks. All commission balances have been converted to units of an investment portfolio managed by FJ World Inc. Terms of Services have been updated and a link to the TOS is clearly visible on every page footer of this site. I can never say it enough, the quality of our membership is of the utmost importance. That means members are expected to provide accurate information. In the next week or so, all member accounts will be reviewed, members will be contacted and presented with time sensitive information. The information will pertain to establishing an active communication link between the member and FJ World Inc.December 5, 2016 - Going forward the most important objective of ePayTraffic will be maintaining the highest valued membership possible. To meet this objective it will be necessary to update the Terms of Services for using ePayTraffic. It is the responsibility of members to stay up to date with the TOS. You can read our TOS here.November 12, 2016 is the beginning of a new online journey for FJ World Inc. On this journey every effort will be made to focus on activities that are consistent with growing an investment portfolio. When you make a purchase on ePayTraffic you will have an opportunity to receive an income from FJ World Inc. Any commission owing will be converted to units of an investment portfolio managed by FJ World Inc. Thank you for your patience while I make some necessary changes. More information will be provided in the next week or so.
  21. Bullshit Baffles Brains

    Probably my most hated type of post I see: The CASH FLASH post. The image of the dude, or just a hand or something with thousands of cash fanned out, thrown about, stuffed away... Absolutely nothing about the program or what is required just CASH. Seriously, no better way to yell, I AM BROKE AND DESPERATE. - Learn to Market and Promote and grow the legitimate businesses and not overnight fads.
  22. Follow the progress of our membership site by viewing actual site data. 2016-2017 Hits Delivered The following line chart is a graphic representation of the number of hits delivered to member advertisements. At the start of 2017 ePayTraffic Revenue Sharing model was implemented. The next chart shows the number of surfers per day.
  23. When I first started to search for ways to make money online it didn't take me long to see that one could easily be inundated with not just misleading information but obvious scams and programs designed to steal money. The reason is that false advertising works when the viewer is making a decision based on some sound bites, catchy headlines and the enticement of making a fortune overnight. In this topic I would like to discuss various techniques used and abused on the internet to convince you to part with your information and your money. Don't get me wrong, I understand the value and need for attention grabbing content to help grow legitimate sales for a business. What we want to point out to readers are some of the more obvious and maybe not to obvious BS ideas promoted as genuine products and services.
  24. Follow this topic to get recent news of what is happening at ePayTraffic
  25. About ePayTraffic ePayTraffic is the result of several years of life experiences. A project was created to collect data and perform analysis on websites used to exchange traffic between registered members of countless similar websites. This project was funded by FJ World Inc and what you are about to learn is how it has become a profitable business venture. Please visit http://ePayTraffic.com/ to learn more about this unique implementation of a Traffic Exchange. If you have any questions or feedback on ePayTraffic you are welcome to post in this topic.
  26. You2Surf

    ePayTraffic is on the promoter list at You2Surf. Join me in picking up some extra advertising credits and some cash this week. Ask me about a technique to get traffic to your site and/or affiliate links.

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