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  2. If someone says"I will do it".But someone often does not it.I think I could not get enough time.Another thing, It is one kind of fake commitments.It cannot be difficult to do so.There may be many reasons.
  3. FFU or Mylot: which is a better option at present

    I agree there really is no site that works the same as mylot.
  4. FFU or Mylot: which is a better option at present

    I've never been a member of FFU, but I've seen a bit of negativity posted about it by people. Really, it would be rather hard to compare any site to myLot because there isn't any other site that operates quite the same way it does.
  5. Do you refer your friends to new sites?

    Well, first I would have to have friends. Being as I don't really have any, I couldn't really refer any to a website. lol But, if I am on a site and I find it to be legitimate, I will probably mention it somewhere in case other people want to check it out. But I don't give out a referral link to it.
  6. Do you refer your friends to new sites?

    I'm usually not successful with referring my friends or anyone online. Maybe I'm not good with convincing people. I just like to share the new and good experience I'm having online.
  7. FFU or Mylot: which is a better option at present

    Are you saying that Admin would didn't pay you? If you aren't sure that he paid you can check your account balance right? I guess he was asking you to post a proof of payment. Lol
  8. Last week
  9. FFU or Mylot: which is a better option at present

    I agree you can’t compare mylot to anything. As for FFU that is crazy I cashed out there and admin told me to confirm it with a post I never got anything saying I was paid I am beginning to wonder if he paid me at all and maybe just scammed me on my points.
  10. Do you refer your friends to new sites?

    I am new online.But I have joined some sites.I have logged in various site daily.When I know that is a good site then I try to refer my friends all time.I want they will work here and earn well.
  11. Ayuwage

    I wanted to sing up here.I senior's advice obey them.So I do not sing up here.I need to know some information about Ayuwage .The site does not pay at the moment.Someone did get 3 payments from the site.
  12. BMF Complaints

    This is awesome then because I noticed there weren't many threads to post on. I just hope by so doing we won't have so much trash threads. Lol.
  13. BMF Complaints

    I just looked and evidently the reward for new threads is now 50. Replies to threads is still 15. I'm not sure when Mr B changed it, but that it what it reads on the 'Rewards' page now.
  14. FFU or Mylot: which is a better option at present

    My lot is different, but FFU with 400 characters limit is not something to compare with anything. We may post small posts with normal messages in my lot which pays for interaction.
  15. Do you find easy to earn online?

    Now I find I am in the middle as my main place blocked many sites which has forced me to use only few sites. Still I am using my mobile for proper earning in all good sites.
  16. BMF Complaints

    Due to my habit of posting threads, I am earning good amount in BMF. But once by mistake I created 4th thread also, so missed 5 cents. Now I have to take extra care while posting with checking correct time.
  17. BMF Complaints

    What do you mean "new posting rewards are now 50BMF?" Are you talking new threads of new replies? Last I checked, new threads Now earn 30BMF and not 15BMf as before.
  18. Do you try out new Ptc sites?

    I first thought PTC was the best way to earn online.There are two reasons for this.The first reason is the trusted Neobux.From here my acquaintances are doing well.The second reasons were not good idea online.Working at the PTC site means to waste time.I mostly believe it.
  19. BMF Complaints

    You are right.Some people just posted unnecessary for revenue.It is very annoying.Other who suffer now.I can not write in the same way, the fear has added to it again.There is good news for everyone.New posting rewards are now 50BMF.
  20. Neobux

    Neobux is a PTC king.I first heard about the Neobux.This was my dream site.I heard a lot of people work here and earn a lot of money from here.I have joined here a few months ago.I have some rented referrals.Unfourtanly The do not work 2days a week.I have not direct referrals.So I can not earn well from here.I am very tired now.I think I will close the neobux window.
  21. Ayuwage

    Right now our advice is to not to join Ayuwage, as it is not paying. We all are just waiting to get paid, only then we will promote it; till then, consider Ayuwage not in the list
  22. Ayuwage

    I have heard many times.I have not an account here.I think it is the legit site.I see various tutorials on YouTube.But I do not sing up here.Because I have not enough time at the moment.But I will try to do it in near future.
  23. Earn free coins with flood gate faucet

    Potcoin is not much popular, but it is good to know there are faucets which are paying in potcoin. But As mentioned in your list, there is a coin named "blockchain" ; however blockchain is not a coin.
  24. Do you try out new Ptc sites?

    Previously PTC was the way of making money online, but now it is outdated idea. Although PTC is still open, but due to very small payment, I do not like to join any new PTC. I yet have to get paid by Ayuwage, it's delay is making more reluctant towards PTC.
  25. How to keep your BMF safe

    I requested BMF, remove my account and my posts. Thread locked and sent to RIP.
  26. Money Gold Forum

    When nobody comes to buy MGF, Admin might have decided to keep it and make it popular before he may put on sale again. When myLot was sold, that time my earning was below $5 and I was less active (but yes active every week) So I lost there too. I never joined Bubblews, so missed payment and escaped being scammed. MGF admin have something in his mind, till he is paying, I won't mind to keep earning there.
  27. Money Gold Forum

    To me that is even more messed up...if he wanted to sell it, I'd think he should pay off what he owed people first and then put it up for sale. But I base it on myLot and Buibblews. When myLot sold, they tried to pay almost everyone off (if you had been active in the previous 30 days and had $5 in your account, which they ended up lowering to $3). And of course Bubblews just said "We're done, you lose".
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