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ePayTraffic - Special Awards

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1Follow this topic to see if there are any special awards you can receive.


1. Paid For Performance - Visit the Paid For Performance page on ePayTraffic to see if your current bonus claim count average is 25 or higher. If it is you can claim $0.11 for this achievement. All you have to do is post your username and your bonus claim count average in the IncomeProClub Room. <<< This award will be increased on April 1, 2018 >>>


2. Free Member Bonus Award - This is an award to help members move from a free member level to an upgraded member level. You will need to demonstrate that you completed our "Free Member Guide to generating a monthly income on ePayTraffic" and your activity generated $3.00 of earning in one month. Once you have achieved your goal you can post in our skype group your username and text saying you completed the free member guide. Your account will be upgraded to FreePlus1 for one month. If you decide to pay for any upgrade during or after completing the free member guide, $1.00 will be added to your account. Again, this award is to help members that are not likely to spend any money or they need more time to evaluate the site as a free member before spending any money. As you can see a lot of effort is invested in helping free members because not everyone is in a position to move more quickly when it comes to building a monthly income stream. 


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