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    It was always in the program, it, however, was not activated as people were posting as well. I decided it was time to activate it as I am only interested in rewarding people who are active and engaging in discussions.
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    Not sure if I am a common person or not but I can honestly say I have a very good BS meter. What is your mission? You are ranting and getting paid to post your rants here. What will you do or say if MSF decides to cleanup some postings on this forum. Clearly you and some others have posted content that I would not reward. Good thing I am not the administrator. For example on my site advertisers can purchase a Login Spotlight advertisement. The purpose is for advertisers to get some feedback from the site they are forced to view at login. The system is designed to award members for their feedback. Guess what? Some members feel they can just enter a single character feedback and somehow they think it is worth being rewarded. I as administrator have to consume time to revoke the award. And of course some members will get pissed-off because of what I did. Terrible admin, site will fail because of my action, blah, blah, blah! It appears to me that some members do not make it a top priority to completely understand the purpose of incentive marketing. Or they just don't care as long as they get rewarded and paid as soon as possible. So honestly, can you tell me that all your posting here have added value and you should be rewarded for your time? Look at the number of topic created relating to an issue on BMF. I don't see the purpose other than you getting 5 MSF tokens for each reply you make. I love debates and opinions because it is very stimulating and causes my brain to be more responsive in ways that I may not have considered without the debate. However, there is a time to separate noise from sound.
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    Many threads in BMF are closed due to trash comments and many users got warning from BMF because their post were found trash, this is not going well with users, but they accepted whatever is there. Now follow some advice to keep your BMF earnings - Never tell others to Stick on BMF for online earning : Main reason of the existence of BMF is to help each other earn online, so discussing other online earning sites and sharing your experience is mandatory. Always Update with your Experience: Did you noticed main reason of the closing of several threads? Because people were repeating same thing - "Postloop is not for new users." "Yes Yes this is what is happening" .. etc. This is wrong, you have to share your experience with the sites with new updates, fresh comments and not to repeat same thing because that will become garbage post. Never support scam/trash: It is good to be friendly, but you have to sure that being over friendly will hurt you; never support those comments which are spammy or trash. This support may earn you for a bit, but this will go to the site as promoting trash comments. Post what compiles with BMF: You can freely post such as - Your updated experience with a site regarding earning/payment etc, your query about a site that you want to ask, your answer to any query, correction about something if someone is giving wrong information. No Quote if your comment is below 100 characters without space. This will be considered as attempt to grab reward and cheat the site. Now you can try BMF freely. Happy Earning.
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    DWF is not a Paid to Post forum, this was something members from the start labeled it as. Early on I tried to adapt to be more of a P2P forum, but it quickly became noticeable it will not be sustainable for the long haul. The rewards program is just that, a rewards program. It is a little something extra for those who help grow DWF. Perhaps when this community is bigger with more contributing members and its generating income, I may integrate a more pay to post type model. I visit other P2P forums and I do not see the value in me spending time there, nor worth recommending it. The discussions are too bland, there's no insight, most of the time people are from non-English speaking countries and cannot understand what I say, and is more or less a waste of time These are things, DWF is NOT going to become. Having another forum sitting in the wasteland of useless topics and threads do not body any good. DWF is about helping YOU build an income from discovering, learning, sharing information from people you connect with. But As I have said repeatedly, I am rewarding for engagement and commitment to using the community and to grow it. I want people here more than because there is a financial reward. DWF is not an income stream and not a weekly paycheck.
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    Quick tutorial on converting your points to tokens.
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    Worked very best for me. If I was to suggest any possible improvement I would say the audio signal could be boosted. I had to increase my speaker volume to a level higher than I normally use.
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    Personally my focus here is not about earning points. Points is a bonus and incentive for being a contributor to the community. The fact that some incentive can be converted to cash is an excellent measure of flexibility provided to all members. Its great but it should never be the focus of boosting your online income. Read the content of the forum carefully and you should see ways to earn much more than trying to get cash for some poor quality posting. The community may be quiet now but give it time to grow and we will all gain some knowledge about improving our online income. If ones primary focus is an online income from posting in this forum then I think that person has missed the train.
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    Dollar Wise Forums Reward Program Updated 2/24/2018 Purpose of rewards program We want to provide a little compensation for helping grow the community, membership and overall performance of our community. When you do basic things like logging into your account, referring a friend or even posting* content, you can earn a reward. What are DWF Tokens? DWF Tokens are our official community currency. These tokens can be redeemed in our store, for downloads, or converted to cash How To Earn DWF Tokens Refer new members - 100 MSF Tokens All referrals must provide avatar and make 4 good posts *Daily Login - 5 MSF Token Consecutive Day Login Rewards 7,14,28,60 & 120 Consecutive Days - 100 MSF Tokens Each 365 Consecutive Days - 1500 MSF Tokens Daily Tasks - Variable MSF Tokens *Login rewards apply to active posters, who have posted a couple times in the last 24 hours only. DWF Token Fees To increase the value of the community and overall performance there are several ways your DWF Tokens may be reduced. Topic Removal - 10 DWF Tokens Reply Removal - 5 DWF Tokens Account Suspension/Ban - All DWF Tokens Fraud/TOS Violation - All DWF Tokens Inactive for 90 Days - All DWF Tokens All DWF Token rewards are subject to review and reversal at any time. *Please see this post for posting rewards.
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    From the album Redeeming Tokens & Withdrawing

    A quick video on redeeming tokens and withdrawing your account balance.

    © 2018 Dollar Wise Web

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    A blog is much more easier to manage. It is really hardwork running a forum all by yourself. You'd need a moderator or perhaps a system set up for that. You need to also set strict rules to control the quality of content. Overall a blog is easier to manage on your own.
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    I feel demotivated sometimes but if that happens I will just work less than usual for a few days until I feel rejuvinated again. I think when you do the same thing day in day out you're bound to get that feeling of boredom, It happens with jobs in the real world too.
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    Email marketing is among the oldest of internet marketing campaigns, and it is still among the most successful, but it has evolved along with the rest of internet marketing. Email marketing is no longer thriving as a mass marketing technique, as spam filters catch most unsolicited email and potential customers are wary of email from any merchant they did not request emails from. To successfully utilize email marketing in 2018, use targeted email marketing, personalize emails and reply promptly to answered emails, and use calls to action and other incentives to further and reward your email recipients. Target Marketing The more filters you can use in your email campaign, the better. Offering useful information to specific groups saves your customers and potential customers from searching elsewhere for that information, and makes them more likely to respond to your calls to action or purchase something from you. Personalize Emails If you are targeting your email marketing campaign, you are already personalizing content to inform your target groups. Don’t stop with content, however, in customizing your email marketing campaign. Style, colors, wording, and font can all be adjusted to fit your target audience. Keep emails current by basing topics on or at least referencing recent events that would interest your target audience. Reply Promptly While it is reasonable to take a day to answer emails, a response to an email is an attempt by a potential customer to reach out to you. Responding promptly and well is more likely to result in a sale than delays and automated responses. That said, do not allow answering emails to take up too much of your energy. Keep track of which email conversations tend to result in sales, and try to focus on such discussions when possible. Use Calls to Action and Other Incentives Email marketing relies on delivering well-targeted content to build trust with potential customers. You can reward loyalty and encourage sales with incentives like discounts or coupons. Rely on the faith you have created with your customer base to put forward calls to action.
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    I did not start MSF to be a copycat. I have a vision and I can be honest, I made a few bad choices under pressure leading to my ultimate vision being lost and sidetracked. Each mistake, each positive thing is all a learning experience. There were a few things I was not aware of originally but am now aware of and I will adjust. I have taken some feedback, opinions and read comments about and I am making changes that correlate to MY vision. These things will be coming to light in the next few days.
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    I loved Neobux when it ran the xoxly ads as I could earn over $1 a day but when they lost paypal and the ptc side dwindled I decided it was time to leave. At one time I rented referrals but I was hopeless at that and lost more money than I made. Neobux is a thing of the past for me and I won't be going back.
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    @Yugocean You continue to give great feedback that clearly shows you have a lot of experience and understanding around posting a point of view on a subject. You must be more than 25 years old. lol The part about pulling back and not quitting is most important in my opinion. I learned many years ago that if an issue caused my blood pressure to elevate to a point it becomes an emotional response that I should wait 24 hours before making a decision that I may regret later. Keep up the great work.
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    I was never keen on this site although many people joined and have earned well from it. All sites start off well to attract new members and it stands to reason that changes will have to take place as the site grows and more people want paying. The biggest problems with this site is it grew fast too quickly and attracted a lot of spammers. My reasons for not staying with this site are personal but I have never regretted it and as I see how hard it is becoming for people to earn now, and in particular for new members, I feel I made the right decision. I always watch the comments with interest though.
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    Well, it okay to give this outline but one can't be too sure about what the owner of a forum is looking out for, all the same one just have to continue posting believing it wouldn't offend the site owner.
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    That's a good piece of advice. I have to admit that going through these threads which were closed it is evident that the same things were being repeated over and over again. I feel sorry for those who have received a warning but this does not mean that they must stop posting on there. They just need to make sure that they post quality comments. To be honest, even I am finding it difficult to post on there as some of my favorite threads were closed. I am now commenting on other earnings programs and sharing my experiences. I am also doing a bit of research before posting.
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    I don't completely understand why some owners ban sites based on such generalization. I can guess they have a fear of losing their payment processor, maybe?. I have become aware that some owners ban my site because I use words such as revenue sharing program. I just smile and imagine 10 years from now looking back at who's site will still be in circulation on the net. I have seen many sites go down and in retrospect, maybe they shouldn't be so quick to ban paying customers.
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    I definitely check your blog, let me read it; you can take your time and we can get more contents. Plus I will say you may start an alternative of Adsense and Adhitz ; you are experienced person, you know what and how to do.
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    Ah what am I not understanding? Its not a complicated issue. You as a poster should know if your adding value as per defined by the reward system. If you are not sure if your post is adding value to the topic then you should refrain from posting in the said topic. Ask when not sure. And its doesn't matter how many forums I contribute to because I know I can stay on topic. Perfectly, your venting and its time to accept a lesson leaned and move on from this debate. I mean that in a nice way.
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    I am thinking the root cause of these so mentioned spam post is because the poster is more focused on getting paid to post. Its not hard to tell that some posts do not add value to the topic. Is that not the issue? I always make time to read a thread to see if I can add value to the topic and in doing so I can see posts where I would not want to reward. Seriously? That seems dramatic does it not? I believe in the honor system and I do not expect an admin to babysit my posts. However, I can appreciate a newbie getting into trouble at first and maybe getting a warning. But a warning can just be the fact that my reward was removed and that means I need to review the rules. Its not like we are dealing with a lot of money now are we?
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    @SUPERSINGH I'm very sorry to hear that. You need to be careful with your posts now I guess. @uten123 I often wonder too. I think when someone just makes passive comment that obviously doesn't add to the thread, or is passing information that has already been passed or asking questions that have been answered already.
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    That's awesome to here. Not sure if you noticed the blog I created here. If not have a look at I will be adding a lot more content but it is important that I do not progress to fast and that I do it in a way that is easy to support going forward.
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    The new version of Digg is Reddit; everyone is on Reddit it is one of the top 100 websites on the web. If you are not on Reddit and you are not trying to get traffic from it, you are missing out, so today I am going to discuss a few steps on how to generate traffic from Reddit. The first step you want to do is you have got to participate in the community if you are not engaging than how would you know how to leverage it? So by participating, you will realize what people like, what they do not like. You will understand what content works and what content does not. The second step is to join subreddits. Subreddits are sections of Reddit that discuss a more specific topic within a general topic. Reddit discusses just subsections on fashion, marketing, even weed. If you are into Bitcoin and Ethereum, you will also find subreddits on those topics. Now that you are participating in subreddits and you have joined them see what they like in those subreddits and what they do not. about everything out there, but you know there are The third step is to be transparent. Redditors can smell marketers from a mile away, and that is why most people struggle with monetizing and getting traffic from Reddit. If you are not transparent, people are going to sniff you out, and none of your contents is going to do well. The fourth is replicate the content that's already doing well on Reddit, so if you see some stuff that's doing well, create better versions of it. In other words, you are getting more detailed and detailed. Just like you see with all these skyscrapers out there you see these big tall buildings in the U.S. and then boom in the Middle East, someone is like hmm I am going to pop up a building that's a mile high, it is never-ending. That is a skyscraper technique in which when someone already has fantastic content out there; you are going to make your content ten times more amazing, so much more so that he or she are going to be like I do not want to copy this it is going to be too much work. Now that you have created your content the last step is submitting. When you submit, and you have participated, you have this community; you have this following on Reddit, you will find that they will start voting up your stuff. It will begin generating you traffic, and over time you will get more visitors to your site, but there's one caveat. If you are using Hello Bar to collect all of your emails, put in there within the settings, you can say don't show it to people coming from Reddit, and by doing that, the Redditors will not be ticked off when they come to your site. However, if your site, in general, is very aggressive, what'll happen is no one will want to share your content, they are going to all download it, and you are going to get no traffic from Reddit.
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