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  1. New Video Tutorials

    Worked very best for me. If I was to suggest any possible improvement I would say the audio signal could be boosted. I had to increase my speaker volume to a level higher than I normally use.
  2. Convert Points into Tokens

    Personally my focus here is not about earning points. Points is a bonus and incentive for being a contributor to the community. The fact that some incentive can be converted to cash is an excellent measure of flexibility provided to all members. Its great but it should never be the focus of boosting your online income. Read the content of the forum carefully and you should see ways to earn much more than trying to get cash for some poor quality posting. The community may be quiet now but give it time to grow and we will all gain some knowledge about improving our online income. If ones primary focus is an online income from posting in this forum then I think that person has missed the train.
  3. ePayTraffic is the bonus surf site on VTG all day today.
  4. I would not say I lose motivation very often, at least not as much as I have in the past. Its not easy to earn a consistent income online and for those that say it is...great for you, your in the minority in my opinion. The online marketplace is extremely competitive and you do not have to look to hard to find someone that will say things or take action that can really get you down. That is, if you are not prepared. If I am going to target a particular audience for some sales and I know the competition is huge for the same audience it is imperative that my plan of attack includes some way to reward my accomplishment. Rewards are motivating when applied effectively. If it can help you , consider the two following actions. - Pay yourself first. This can be anything, doesn't have to be a cash withdrawal from your business account. But it should be something that rewards your own accomplishment. Its extremely powerful and it will help you during period of low cash flows. - Dare to be different. This will help you not to get caught in the conundrum that most online earners get into. If the masses are pushing the same information, advise and expert opinion without real documentation, analysis, facts and figures then you will often see the same results. So you don't want to do the same thing that everyone does and expect different results. To make things worst, some advisors are the type that gets defensive because you ask tough questions about what they suggest. That is, they may not actually be doing very well themselves but have not come to terms with the reality of the situation. So one can get de-motivated from negative feedback from someone you believe is/was an expert. Hence why it is critical to have a plan and in that plan you include every possible items that can stop you from achieving your objectives. When the negative energy is around, you just have to review your plan and see that you had already addressed the negative possibility.
  5. Hope everyone is busy building their online business...I am and I would like to share with you what I am about to do. I created two new advertising packages on ePayTraffic and I am about to create one more. These packages are available on our Buy Credit/Units page at a very good regular price.  As an introductory offering, a One Time Offer(OTO) will be presented to our upgraded members where they can get a bundled deal at a super low price. Don't miss it if you want some advertising that has been tested and proven to works. Not an upgraded member at ePayTraffic? You can be by spending $1.00 for an upgrade so you do not miss these OTO's only available to upgraded members. Take care and I am here to serve you with your income generating needs. Just ask!

  6. Collaborative Advertising Demonstration In this demo we will look at a way to work together on a traffic generating idea. Since I own a membership site that offers advertising I created a splash page and rotator implementation that will deliver traffic to your splash page from various sources. Step 1 - Create an account on ePayTraffic Step 2 - Buy the Yearly Paid for Performance Splash Page and the Yearly Collaborative Advertising packages. Doing so means you have your own splash page similar to this and you get a rotator url similar to this. If you pay for these advertising packages it includes some customization and lots of traffic. Read on to see how you can apply this traffic generating technique without spending any money. Step 3 - After completing step 2 you can start to advertise your splash page and rotator links. The bonus is that someone else is also advertising your rotator link because it contains similar splash pages from other people that believe in working together for a mutual benefit. I myself will be obliged to advertise the rotator link because I provide it as a service to my members. However, when you have been in this business as long as I have you know there are many people who have a lot of advertising credits they do not use. Yes, including the folks you chat with everyday. Just ask your friend if they want to exchange some credits from some popular TE sites. This means that more people are advertising for you...or more accurately, we are collaborating on some advertising for a mutual benefit. For those that do not wish to spend some money you may do the following as I did. 1. Created an account on EasyHits4U 2. Create a splash page. 3. Create a rotator. The rest is the same, you promote your link and ask others to join your team in some collaborative advertising process for a mutual benefit. Since I am an upgraded member on EH4U I have more options available for customizing and monetizing some advertising pages. I hope you see the value in this demonstration and that you are able to become a participating member in the process. It would be my pleasure to guide you step by step if you wish to work together.
  7. Another day another dollar. Or how about more than $5.00 for some of your clicking time. Checkout our marketplace 


  8. Ask me about getting paid to do some testing on ePayTraffic or checkout our skype group https://join.skype.com/BCcO3okDnElx

  9. PromoSlice

    Site Name: PromoSlice Why I Joined: This site is not a traffic exchange site but a promotional system designed specifically for traffic exchanges. If your a member in a traffic exchange then you want to checkout this program. It will give you access to many TE's where you can win cash by completing x number of clicks on select sites. It is a great system for TE site owners and I have tested it with ePayTraffic. I have a monthly promotion that I recently started and so far it looks like I will be adding more promotions. No need to be a site owner. If your a clicker then you will want to take advantage of some extra cash without doing any extra work. My Referral Link: http://promoslice.com?ref=2608
  10. Traffic4Y

    Site Name: Traffic 4 Y Why I Joined: I joined because the site was part of a PromoSlice challenge. It is an easy to use and a typical LFMTE manual traffic exchange site. The part that interest me is the many offers they have to boost your clicking income. For example, higher average surfer rewards, referral contest and cross-promotions with other traffic exchanges. I try and surf everyday to feed my advertising campaign and the site has been working well so far. I have used the support system and the site admin is quick and polite when addressing any concerns. My Referral Link: http://traffic4y.com/?rid=377
  11. I need testers to complete the following guide I created. As you read the blog topic you can see what I have done so far. I have been doing some testing myself but I also need some independent testers. You will need to join my company skype group as part of the testing, support and feedback. https://join.skype.com/BCcO3okDnElx I will pay $5.00 via paypal or payza plus you get to keep all the earnings you generated in your account. Also I can give you 20 DWF tokens Please contact me if your interested in being a tester. Limited number of testers required and I must approve that you are an official tester.
  12. Today I decided to help out our young community by contributing some content that should pickup some organic traffic. In this blog I hope to add lots of topics to help people in their journey to earning a monthly income from various activities and behaviours. So lets get started. First topic, Ah! No that is not correct. Everyday and many times during the day I see myself in a situation where I pause to think if the person I am listening to, reading about or chatting with, is well informed on the subject matter. We don't all learn at the same rate or method but the bottom line is we all need to be able to read. People can read but they don't schedule enough time to do some personal development. When your a business owner and you wear many hats like I do, you invest lots of time to document everything about your business. The time you invest by documenting , publishing and disseminating will be repaid many times over during the life of your business. However, there are downsides and most are a result of someone not reading or forming an opinion that is not substantiated by the facts. Let me give you an example. A few hours ago I followed-up on a post I had made a few days ago. Not this forum. The post was in response to a specific question about getting traffic and cash from a site. So being bias to my own business I suggested ePayTraffic as a consideration. Guess what? The person replies with obvious indications they had not spent much time reading on the site. To make it worst, they posted an opinion that misrepresented the fundamental component of the site and its earning potential. I have no issue with anyone expressing an opinion on anything but could you at least get some of the obvious facts correct? Has this happened to you, where you have to cautiously reply to a request for information that the person should have already consumed? I can only imagine how many other site owners have had a similar experience. And its not just a site owner. Think for a moment of the last time you were in a conversation, chat, debate either online or offline and you had to use caution on your response. I always try and be polite no matter what and I can honestly say I do appreciate a communication exchange when both parties have all the facts. Your turn now. Tell us about an experience you had that involved misleading information or just pure Fake News.
  13. First let me say that I am not a Redditor but I know they have been around for a while. That's all I know so I naturally took interest in reading your article. I made some time to drill down in sub-sections and I took note of the volume of topics. Anything you can imagine by the looks of it. I love the skyscraper analogy and some of the content I read in the latest news are really well written. I can see where you would do well in such a community and now that I have read your article I will have to make it a priority to become a Redditor. I noticed that some content have a promoted identifier? Is that related to some kind of pay to service? Great Job William! Your review is well presented and for that I am better prepared for becoming a Redditor.
  14. EPay Traffic - Bust or Must!

    Hello everyone, Just checking in from following the Daily Link feed. I am extremely happy to see what William created to make it super beneficial for our community to get to know everything about a site and their wares. If you read the Daily Task #1 ... ...and you need more information I would be happy to address it in this topic. When I read this again before completing my daily task :-) I noticed I had not responded to a question ask. First let me say I fell in love with EH4U a long time ago. In fact the site was used as my quality standard guide in developing ePayTraffic. Very much so. And its by design :-) The best part is...I pay for performance. Paid for Performance is unique. I am not aware of any other TE doing what I have created. You can get paid 10 cents per day just for maintain an average of 250 pages surfed per day. I mention this now because it was just implemented a few days ago. On March 1st I will be increasing the daily cash award. Thank you to all you active members. You are the foundation of our program. Our journey is progressing well, the foundation is getting more secured so I encourage you to visit the clubhouse. I am not kidding when I say
  15. Hello everyone, I am stopping in to do some personal development using some of the fancy tools in our grand community. How is that for an entrance. :D


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